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Clean2Go is the fully automatic and touchless
sanitizer solution in the fight against viruses and bacteria

  • Contactless Operation

  • No paper towels

  • Does not require a member or staff

  • Environmentally Friendly



We offer consumers our automatic and contactless disinfection solution in the fight against viruses and bacteria.
The stainless steel units are provided with recycled plastic at the hand opening. By reusing the plastic cans, we support our objective for a circular economy.

Hygiene and protection is our priority and we pride ourselves on delivering our units to locations such as hospitals, nursing homes, schools and shops.

We supply hand sanitizing liquid at very competitive prices and also very important in fully recycled jerry cans.
The advantage of the contactless unit is that you do not have any nuisance from used paper or liquid on the ground.

Circular Clean2Go

Touchless Disinfection

We always run the risk of coming into contact with any number of harmful viruses or bacteria in public areas when we touch something.

The advantage of our units is that we disinfect completely without contact.

Fully Automatic

Our units are fully automatic and use sensor technology to detect when your hands need to be disinfected.


When the jerrcycan is empty, you can easily change it (see manual).

Standard with a Wall Bracket

Our wall sanitizers come standard with a wall bracket, so they can be mounted in any convenient location.

Optional Stand

If you want the convenience of making your sanitizer mobile, we have a stand with or without wheels to choose from.

+/- 5.000 Sprays

Each unit contains a recycled jerry can with 5 liters of disinfectant liquid that delivers approximately 5,000 sprays.

Stainless Steel Support

Our wall units come with stainless steel supports for a beautiful appearance and strength.


It is possible to have the unit sprayed in your house style color. Extra costs are € 50.00 per unit, minimum purchase 10 pieces.

Cart sanitiser

The sensors in the cart sanitizer spray the hands of the consumer plus the top of the shopping cart.


The Compact sanitiser has 1 manual opening. The sensor sprays a double amount of disinfectant gel on 1 hand, after which one can disinfect both hands.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best hand sanitiser?

To effectively protect yourself against harmful viruses and bacteria, you should use a sanitiser that contains at least 60% alcohol. Our sanitisers contain 70% alcohol to give you peace of mind that your hands are being thoroughly disinfected.

What does hand sanitiser do?

Hand sanitisers are an effective way to properly disinfect hands when you are without access to soap and clean water. Hand sanitisers offer a convenient way to protect yourself against harmful viruses and bacteria.

Why use hand sanitiser?

Using a hand sanitiser disinfects your hands, protecting you from exposure to harmful viruses and bacteria. You should use a hand sanitiser as it protects you from catching things and protects others from catching things from you. With the way the world has changed at the hands of the coronavirus pandemic, sanitisers are vital in protecting yourself and others.

Where to buy hand sanitiser?

We offer 70% alcohol hand sanitisers and state-of-the-art touchless application devices. View our product pages to see the range of sanitiser products we have to offer.

Your hygiene solution

Contact us and discover our perfect solutions today! Beautiful designed sanitize products to keep viruses and bacteria away.

Our Products

Clean2Go Wall Unit
Clean2Go Standalone
Clean2Go Cart Sanitiser
Clean2Go Compact
Stainless steel support
Disinfectant 5L Jerrycan

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Frequently Asked Questions
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